I have 25 years of experience working in corporate America with top 100 companies such as BASF Chemical Company (world largest chemical company), Shell Oil and Alcon Manufacturing Company as Senior Organizational Consultant. The concepts and insights provided in Leadership 101 are equal and some areas superior to the programs we used in corporate America. Effective leadership skills are critical success factors for highly effective teams, business units and global organizations.


It was extremely informative and instructive.  A tremendous value for both time and money!  Thank you!

Dr. Allen

Once again Dr. Carson delivers another powerful and eye-opening leadership workshop empowering those who are given the responsibility to lead with the best practices to be effective in their roles.  

As a leading pastor, I understand that there are certain disciplines that are needed in order to have success. While theology is a given, there is also the aspect of leadership that is necessary to guide a people in vision, alignment and execution. The Leadership 101 training has provided me with great insight as to my leadership tendencies and how they influence my effectiveness in key leadership situations. I emerged from these workshops with a greater understating of who I am, allowing me to improve on my newly found self-awareness by applying preferred behaviors to produce desired outcomes. These sessions are a MUST for anyone who is looking to take their leadership skills to the next level!