Vision & Values: The Power to Move Mountains

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Through this webinar series, you will learn the tools, skillsets, and best practices that are necessary to transform your organization for 21st century success.

In the Webinar: Vision & Values, you will:

  • Learn how to benefit from the partnership of vision and values being two sides of one coin
  • Learn the difference between vision and values and how to benefit utilizing each
  • Learn how vision can turn your organization around and how to build a one-, five-, and ten-year vision plan in order to change your future
  • Learn how to effectively communicate your vision that others may get aboard
  • Learn how values can shape both your organization and employer work outputs and disciplines
  • Understand shared values and how to benefit from them
  • Learn the best practices of Fortune 500 companies
  • Learn how to walk in effective PATH goal leadership that creates a context for business success